Chaperone/Helper Page

This page has been created to provide our Chaperones and Helpers with all the information they need in one place, hopefully making life a little easier! Scroll down for useful documents and links as well as more information about how to apply for an enhanced DBS and how to renew your license.

We will update this page regularly so if you would like us to add anything just let us know!


How to Become a Volunteer Chaperone

To be a Chaperone you first need to get in touch with the Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing team for the authority in which you live.  They will then direct you to the appropriate documents and requirements.  The process can take up to 4 months so start early!   If you are asked to pay a fee to register as a Volunteer Chaperone please let us know as Joze School of Dance will reimburse you for any fee paid.

Authority Contact Details 

The Leeds City Council - has a website page Leeds Chaperone and Child Licenses with an online application form.  

Bradford Council - has a website page laying out the steps required to become a volunteer chaperone.  Use the link at the bottom of Bradford Chaperones Page to apply for a license, remember to follow the steps for a Volunteer Chaperone not a Professional Chaperone. Once your forms have been accepted you will need to complete the NSPCC Online course.

We have an excellent account of the process written by one of our fantastic parents. This is really informative and takes you through each step, please see below.

North Yorkshire County Council - contact them using or phone 01609533080 and request information and forms for a Volunteer Chaperone. 

Applying for a Chaperone License with Bradford Council  Parent Account of the Process

Fill Out The Online Form

At the time of applying you could not save the form and return to it.  So have all the information and documents you need to hand.

Documents you need:

  • Two referees - their full names, postal and email addresses.
  • Three Id documents - One of which must be a proof of address and they wont accept a driving license photo card. I uploaded my Passport, Birth Certificate and Annual Council Tax Statement.  If you upload an incorrect document they will email you.

Council Email Both Referees

The Council will then email both of your referees with a form for them to complete.  You will most likely need to provide your referees with supporting information, for example dates of experience working with children. The reference form is not a ‘tick box’ exercise and will take your referees some time to write and they are expected to provide examples.

It’s worth noting that the Council will not necessarily tell you if your referees haven’t sent their forms back and they will only remind them once.  It’s up to the applicant to ensure the referees send back the form.

Make An Appointment To Present Your ID

Once your completed online form has been received and the council is happy with your three forms of ID and your 2 references, they will email you with a number to ring to make an in-person appointment.  This is where you take and present your ID in Bradford next to the IMAX.  The meeting has to be in-person not a video call.  

Council HR Team Send Information to DBS

The Council Chaperone team then sends your Form, References and ID uploads to their HR department.  HR does a final legal sign off for the information and sends it to DBS.  The HR team can take a few days to a couple of weeks to do this. Once the application has been sent it can take up to 12 weeks before you receive your certificate through the post.

Complete the Online Safety Course

When you receive your DBS Certificate through the post you need to ring the Council again and ask for the link and password to the online safety course.  This course takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.  You can only receive the link once your DBS has arrived. On completion of the course you must then email a copy of your training certificate to the Council.  

Make An Appointment To Present Your DBS Certificate

Whilst asking for the Online Safety Course link also make another in-person appointment to present your DBS Certificate.  The second in-person appointment does not have to be you.  Once the Council have seen your DBS Certificate they will issue a Chaperone License.

Register For The DBS Renewal Service

Make sure you register with the DBS Renewal Service so that your DBS will be renewed automatically every three years.  The service is free and means you don’t have to repeat every part of the process again.


Renewing Your Chaperone License

Chaperone License's need to be renewed every 3 years and as long as you do not let your license go out of date you shouldn't need to re-apply for an Enhanced DBS Check. 

It's best to get in touch a month or two prior to your renewal date to make sure it all goes smoothly.

If your license has been issued by Bradford Council then to renew your license simply email the Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing at and they will send you the appropriate forms and requirements.  

For Leeds City Council use the online form.   Which can be found at the bottom of this page: Leeds Chaperone and Child Licenses

For North Yorkshire County Council contact them at or phone 01609533080 

Suggested email text:

Hi there

My Chaperone License will go out of date on [dd/mm/yy] and I would like to renew it.  Please let me know what forms/documents I need to renew my license.

Kind regards

[Full Name] [Date of Birth]


Registering With Joze School of Dance

If you haven't already, please register using the form at the bottom of this page.  This will make sure we have all your details, your consent for storing data and your consent for social media photos.  When filling in the form please make sure you let us have your full name and address as appears official documents.

Upcoming Events

Dates for your diary! We will be needing some Chaperone help for the following dates:

Showcase 2024

Saturday 2nd March 2024 - Junior Show - 12:00pm, Senior Show - 2:30pm and 7:00pm

Studio Rehearsals at Operatic House - TBC:

Senior Tech Rehearsal at Kings Hall Theatre Wednesday 28th February 2024

Junior Tech Rehearsal at Operatic House Thursday 29th February 2024

Junior and Senior Dress Rehearsal at Kings Hall Theatre Friday 1st March 2024

Useful Documents and Links  

We have put together a Chaperone Duties document which outlines the duties a chaperone undertakes during a show or rehearsal, also have a read of our Child Protection Policy and if you have any questions or queries, or can see anything we have missed then please get in touch. 

Bradford Council have a good website page for more information about the Role of a Chaperone.  



Chaperone/Helper Registration Form

If you have a Chaperone License please let us know the Authority and Date