COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy


During these challenging times we are working to keep our Students and Teachers safe and have taken advice from the Operatic House team, Government and the IDTA about face to face teaching.

If a student has any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self isolate they must not attend the studio, however they will be able to join online if they wish.

Below we have laid out a set of measures that aim to adhere to current guidelines, but this information is subject to change as the advice changes and it will be updated regularly.

Extra Measures at Studio

Numbers of People

The following numbers of people can be accommodated in the building:

  • Studio -  A maximum of 17 people in the studio at any one time including the teacher and teaching assistant.  
  • Changing Room - A maximum of 2 people in the changing room.  
  • Corridor - Maximum of 4 people in corridor
  • We also have a track and trace QR code situated on our noticeboard.  This enables dancers over the age of 16 and Pre School parents to log their details for track and trace purposes.


There will be regular cleaning at the studio and all touch points will be cleaned between classes. To allow for additional cleaning classes may well start a few minutes late and/or finish a few minutes early.  

First Aid

If for any reason a student requires first aid, the teacher will wear a mask and gloves whilst it is administered.  

Attending Classes

Before Attending 

Hand sanitiser will be available, but all students must wash their hands before attending a class.  We ask, where possible, that students use the toilet before coming to class and arrive ready changed.

Face Masks

We are asking all students over 12 to wear face masks when waiting outside for their class until they have changed and are in their area in the studio.  We also would encourage younger children to wear face masks whilst waiting and changing and that parents/carers wear a face covering whilst waiting for their children outside the door.  

Dropping off Students and Parent Waiting

Unfortunately the only parents/carers we can allow into the building are those whose children are attending the Preschool class and these parents/carers will need to wear face masks.  All other students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the front door.  Younger students will be met by teaching assistants and encouraged into class.

What to Bring

Please bring as little as possible a water bottle, change of shoes and a warm up layer.

What to Wear

Please if possible change at home and only come to the studio with the essentials required for your class.  Please wear the normal uniform, however in keeping with government advice we will be keeping the studio doors and windows open to allow for air to circulate so dancers will need a warm up layer either JSD Hoody or ballet cardigan and legwarmers.


In order to prevent students touching their face we ask that hair be secured away from the face and if long then in either tied up in a ballet bun or plaits.  Teaching assistants will also be unable to help younger students with their hair so please make sure it is tied up properly before class.

Return to Classes in The Studio

As stated above the maximum number of people we can have in the studio is 17 in total. This means 15 students with a teaching assistant and 16 students without a teaching assistant and currently we can accommodate all students in all classes.

The timetable will be the same should we have another lockdown and need to go back to full online teaching.

As mentioned above the studio door and windows will be open to allow a constant supply of fresh air.  This will decrease the temperature in the studio so dancers will need to bring layers to keep warm.

Comments and Concerns

If you have any comments or concerns about any of the above, please contact us by email at