COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy


During these challenging times we are working to keep our Students and Teachers safe and are taking advice from the Studio Manager, Government and the IDTA about how we can start face to face teaching again.

If a student has any symptoms of Covid-19 they must not attend the studio.  

Below we have laid out a set of measures that aim to adhere to current guidelines, but this information is subject to change as the advice changes and will be updated regularly.

Extra Measures at Studio

Numbers of People

The studio manager has indicated that the size of the building allows for the following numbers of people:

  • Studio -  A maximum of 11 people in the studio at any one time including the teacher and teaching assistant.  
  • Changing Room - A maximum of 3 people in the changing room.  
  • Reception - Maximum of 6 people in reception.


There will be regular cleaning at the studio and all touch points will be cleaned between classes.  The toilet will need to be wiped down after each use by the individual.  

First Aid

If for any reason a student requires first aid, the teacher will wear a mask and gloves whilst it is administered.  

Attending Classes

Before Attending 

Hand sanitiser will be available, but all students must wash their hands before attending a class.  Toilets will need to be cleaned between each use by the individual so we ask, where possible, that students use the toilet before coming to class.

Dropping off Students and Parent Waiting

Unfortunately the only parents/carers we can allow into the building are those whose children are attending the Pre School class.  All other students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the door.  Younger students will be met by teaching assistants and encouraged into class.

What to Bring

Please bring as little as possible a water bottle and change of shoes.

What to Wear

Please if possible change at home and only come to the studio with the essentials required for your class.  Please wear the normal uniform with a warm up hoody.


In order to prevent students touching their face we ask that hair be secured away from the face and if long then in either an exam style ballet bun or plaits.  Teaching assistants will also be unable to help younger students with their hair so please make sure it is tied up properly before class.

Return to Classes in September

We are currently developing this part of our policy which we will complete when we know  the numbers of students wishing to return in September.  We can then review our timetable alongside Government Guidelines and Advice from the IDTA.  

Comments and Concerns

If you have any comments or concerns about any of the above, please contact us by email at [email protected]