Adult Jazz/Contemporary

Monday 08:30 pm

About the class

Our adult classes are great for fun and fitness, as well as giving you the opportunity to get to know other dancers and perform pieces of a variety of styles in our annual show. This class is a mixture of jazz and contemporary and is not suitable for beginners.

Jazz is an umbrella term, referring to several related dance styles, so we use a wide variety of music in class to cover lyrical, modern and theatre jazz. This upbeat, funky style is perfect for dancers wanting to get active and have fun.

Contemporary is a very emotive style of dance. In the contemporary part of classes, you will learn  many different moves, perform to a wide range of musical rhythms and styles, and get the chance to choreograph pieces and collaborate with other members of the class. Pieces in this expressive style could be performed to anything from the rhythm of a drum to a rock ballad. 


What to wear

Close fitting comfortable dance clothing with black jazz shoes or trainers.

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