Grade 3 Tap

Friday 06:15 pm

About the class

Tap is a fun dance style that focuses on musicality and uses the sounds of tap shoes to create a variety of rhythms. Our classes are based on the IDTA syllabus and progress from beginner to advanced levels. The class will look at different styles of tap, from modern to musical theatre, and aim to develop dancers' performance as well as their tap skills.

The opportunity to participate in shows and Examinations is offered to all students when they are considered ready, but taking part is not mandatory for successful progression.

What to wear

Girls: Black tank or camisole single strap cotton leotard with scoop neck, black tights or black leggings and socks, black tap shoes and optional JSD t-shirt. 

Boys: Black t-shirt or vest tank top, black leggings or trousers, black tap shoes and optional JSD t-shirt.

Long hair needs to be neatly tied away from the face.