Grade 4/5 Theatre Craft

Tuesday 04:30 pm

About the class

The exciting Theatre Craft IDTA syllabus exists to develop the versatile show dancer, teaching many different performance styles and often requiring students to use props and accessories.  The varied musical pieces, covering everything from classical to pop, add to the excitement and atmosphere of this unique performance-based class. The opportunity to participate in shows and examinations are offered to all students when they are considered ready, but taking part is not mandatory for successful progression.

What to wear

Girls: Black camisole single strap cotton leotard, tan tights, tan split sole jazz shoes and tan 1.5" or 2" stage heels.

Boys: White short sleeved plain t-shirt, black leggings or trousers, white ballet shoes and socks.

Hair needs to be neatly tied away from the face.