Student Area

Student Area

Welcome to the Student Area here you will find links to useful documents, information about up coming events, zoom tips and student reminders.

Useful Documents  

Miss Charlotte has put together some 'Tips Documents', check out some ideas how to use a Door Stretch Band, how to get a Fame Jump and Firebird Leap and some Walkover Tips and Drills.

We also have some great follow along videos on our YouTube channel take a look at: Hip Stretch and Strengthening, Foot StrengtheningGeneral Stretch and our HIIT Workout

For those of you wanting to practise your Jazz technique at home we have Jazz: Port De Bra, Kicks, Beginners Pirouettes and Advance Pirouettes videos too.

In IDTA Ballet and Theatre exams students are expected to know all the terms for their grade and below, these two documents give you a list terms which will help prepare you for your exams.  IDTA Ballet Glossary and IDTA Theatre Glossary.  Also Miss Charlotte has put together a Tap Steps Glossary to help you learn the terminology for this new class.   

Miss Jo has been using her Wobble Cushion to improve ankle strength, have a look at some ideas for using this fab training aid.

Preparation for pointe work and buying your first pair of pointe shoes is an exciting experience, but it is a big task!  This Info Document will break down what you need to do to prepare, buy your shoes and safely dance on pointe.

Acro Students have been very busy this term learning new skills and tricks and Miss Charlotte thought you would like to start charting your progress, so she has put together an Acro Skills List print it out and start seeing the progress you're making.

Extra Info

We loved this video done at the end of Lockdown back in 2021 so decided to share it here:

Thank You Jo! 



Car Parking 

The car park can be accessed via Little Lane behind Ilkley Cinema.  You will see the back of the Cinema with it's metal spiral staircase, beside this is the access point.  Drive through here you should see our banner on the wall of Operatic House to the right.

Drive past the front door to the far side of the building and you will find our carpark.  Driving past the front door feels awkward, but will fit an average estate car happily.  Please be careful as this crosses the pedestrian access.

Parking can also be found in Booths, the car park opposite Operatic House and on Little Lane.   

Zoom Tips

If possible use a desktop computer or laptop instead of an iPad or tablet and only use a phone as a last resort.  As we discovered during last term these devices were better for camera, connection and also have better setting options.

Practice camera angles in advance so that the teacher can see as much of you as possible including when you are doing floor work. (Laptops are the easiest for this)

Always 'Pin' the studio video to your screen.  This can be done by clicking in the corner of Jo or Charlottes video and choosing the ‘Pin Video’ option.  This will keep the studio video as the biggest on your screen.

Keep yourself on Mute

Use the Chat function to ask questions and to receive feedback. You can choose to chat privately to the host (Jo or Charlotte) or to everyone.

If Zoom flashes up 'Unstable Connection' or 'Low Bandwidth' then turn your camera off for 5 minutes and then back on again.  The studio camera will remain on so you will still be able to see the studio and follow along, but we won't be able to see you for a while.

I’ve been at the dance school since the age of nine and every lesson I’ve attended Jo, Charlotte and the rest of the Joze family have never failed to put a smile on my face. I love every second I spend at Joze School of Dance Amelia Merifield